Meet the Raspberry Pi 2 with beefier specs and a FREE licensed Windows 10Tech

Meet the Raspberry Pi 2 with beefier specs and a FREE licensed Windows 10

The miniature Raspberry Pi just got a whole lot sweeter. The latest iteration of the mini computer sports a beefed up quad-core processor paired with twice the amount of RAM compared to its predecessor. What's more to like is the price, wait for it, $35. Yes, it's not a typo, I didn't miss a 0 at the end. Its thirty-five dollars which equates to Rs. 2100 (approx). Ever since its inception back in 2012, the Raspberry Pi has been a hot favorite for developers and enthusiasts alike. It has been used in electronics projects, assisting experiments, and teaching kids how to code.[pull_quote_right author="Eben Upton"]With the Pi 1, there were people using it as a PC but you had to make allowances for the fact it was a $35 PC[/pull_quote_right] For the purists, let's get down to the specifications front. The Raspberry Pi 2 runs on a quad-core ARMv7 processor clocked at 900MHz and is paired with a gig of RAM. The rest of the features remain the same. The board is still the excellent Model B+. It supports up to 4 USB connections simultaneously and its primary storage is a Micro SD card. All the components snuggle neatly onto a small green board. The Foundation says that users will experience gradual increase in performance. The Pi 2 is expected to sell like hot pies, no pun intended. It goes on sale starting today and is available at all of the official Raspberry retailers. The even cheaper A+ variant is also due for an upgrade and is expected to make an appearance soon! What's more, Microsoft has just announced that it will be offering Windows 10 FREE with every Pi 2. Before you grab your wallet, here are some close up shots of the amazing device.   crybytes-Pi2ModB1GB_-comp.0 crybytes-Pi2ModB1GB_23_2.0 crybytes-Pi2ModB1GB_2.0 crybytes-Pi2ModB1GB_3.0 crybytes-Pi2ModB1GB_20.1

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