“Technology Empowers People” – Echo the Tech Experts at World Economic Forum ’15

The World Economic Forum, 2015, Davos was a really intriguing one when the question of machines controlling humans was raised.


New developments in machine intelligence will make us far far smarter as a result, for everyone on the planet. It’s because our smart phones are basically supercomputers. Around 400 million people in the last year got a smartphone. If you think that’s a big deal, imagine the impact on that person in the developing world.

                                                         – Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google

What he said truly reflects the real spirit of this ultra modern and highly connected world – a web of interconnected devices, with superb computing capabilities, connecting minds to innovate and achieve greater heights. In fact transferring knowledge from one brain to the other hasn’t been easy in years. Computers today – ranging from desktops to smartphones – help you to know better and act better, because you have a vast array of information out there in the internet to access.

Everyone gets smarter because of this technology… and the empowerment of people is the secret to technological progress. [In the future], the Internet will disappear… you won’t even sense it, it will be part of your presence all the time.

Indeed. I don’t seem to remember whether or not I noticed when I powered my desktop, connected to the network and clicked on Firefox. Everything seems ‘so‘ natural now. It’s as if I’m sitting in a library, opening a book, to everything humanity has ever known.



If we can extend [the internet] to more people, we increase voice… we increase economic opportunity… and we increase equality.

                                     – Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook

The solution a particular problem is as much anyone’s as it is mine. That’s been the goal of humanity for many millennia – seek answers. And answers must reach everyone equally, without any bias.



I’m most grounded on the role of technology. Ultimately to me it’s about the human capital and the human potential and technology empowers humans to do great things.

                    – Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft

Having access to good technology makes us more intelligent. You see, knowledge when restricted, can create innovations on a very limited scale. I take your knowledge, combine it with mine, relate one to another, and learn something even bigger. Imagine when this is done by billions of people. With all that knowledge, who knows what we may achieve.



My vision for the future state of the digital economy – I see a movie. I see a story of everybody connected with very low latency, very high speed, ultra-dense connectivity available. Today you’re at the start of something amazing… I see the freeing up, not just of productivity and money, but also positive energy which can bring a more equal world.

To me the biggest question for the future is will we really continue in the future to licence spectrum – do governments licence oxygen? No. The Internet is oxygen, it’s water.

                               – Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Group

The sky is the limit.

Featured Image : Seen.co | World Economic Forum 2015

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