Teewe: Setup and User Experience Tech

Teewe: Setup and User Experience

So you loved our unboxing of Teewe and decided to buy one for yourself? Great. Welcome to Part 2 of our comprehensive review of Teewe. Here is a small guide for setting up your Teewe and our experience of using the device.

Teewe is a tiny media streamer that aims to get rid of the messy wires off your lives. The company advertises the product as being “super easy” to set up and use. And to their credit, yes it is! While it exactly ain’t rocket science these days to configure a new device, there are people who might get stuck because there’s a part about network settings where even I had to refer their website for an instance.

Before you connect your Teewe to your TV (this rhymes..), make sure you have the app installed on your smart phone or your laptop. You are greeted with the welcome screen of Teewe once you open the app. Plug your device in and fire up the app.

You’ll be asked to give your Teewe a name. Make sure that your phone is connected to the same wi-fi network that is displayed on your Teewe screen. Follow the simple steps and you are good to go!


crybytes-teewe-app-7         crybytes-teewe-ios-app-5         crybytes-teewe-ios-app-4

Mobile App

For starters, Teewe can interact with your devices via a dedicated Teewe App (iOS, Android, Desktop) or via the Chrome Plugin.  The mobile app on Android also lets you stream offline content from your phone. This is great if you have loads of TV Shows and movies on your external card (legally obtained of course).

iOS users on the other hand have the option to only mirror their pictures and videos taken from camera app. The rest functionalities are the same. The interface is intuitive enough being simple yet functional at the same time. What’s more, you can connect multiple smartphones to the same Teewe device and control it. (I discovered it the harsh way as my friend connected his phone and to his amusement manipulated playback much to my astonishment).


crybytes-teewe-ios-app-3      crybytes-teewe-ios-app-2       crybytes-teewe-ios-app-1


The best part, Teewe doesn’t consume data while playing your local files. This takes Teewe a notch higher than Google’s Chromecast. The app also features a Live TV section wherein you can stream live tv straight from your phone along with a dedicated YouTube section and a selection of other popular categories.

The media player’s interface is pretty neat with the exception of the volume rocker. Teewe decided to pay a tribute to the old TV and they paid attention to every detail. The volume control isn’t as simple as a tap to increase / decrease, instead, just like the good old TVs you have to press down hard on the + and – buttons for the desired volume. Thankfully, you can change the volume using your phone’s volume rocker though.

Chrome Plugin

Teewe recently launched their chrome plugin that gained a lot of traction amongst Bangalore based web developers. Download it and be prepared to be blown away with the effectiveness of it. The nifty little feature allows you to play video content from almost any site you have open in your browser be it YouTube, Facebook or anything you can imagine about.





There is virtually no setup involved unlike the mobile and desktop apps. Imagine the possibility, watching Ellie Goulding on a 50″ screen, epic!



What’s more, you can mirror your tabs on your screen and if there is some website that Teewe can’t automatically find content to mirror from, you can drop them a request for the same.


Desktop Application

Teewe also has a desktop application for streaming your 1080p movies or other content. The setup is pretty similar to the mobile one with a lot less number of steps to follow. The app can be downloaded on Windows and Mac OS and is currently in beta stage but it does work as advertised.

You can stream full HD content without a hitch, something that the mobile app can’t do (see screenshot)




The interface reminds me to that of Netflix and anyone who has ever used a PS3 will feel right at home with the app. The 1080p video did work without a hitch though we did experience a hitch or two with the app at times. Well, the Beta moniker is there so hopefully Teewe will iron out the bugs in time for a pretty great user experience. We did get some random clogging errors while trying to stream live TV, nothing that a quick restart didn’t solve.








The app also has options to change streaming settings for standard and HD content. You need not worry about lowering the quality of the stream unless you own a legacy laptop. With our Macbook and a dual band D-Link router, we had no issues streaming full HD movies. A 10% lag was clearly visible on a standard service provider issued wi-fi router though.

In love with the device? Want your hands on it ASAP? We are giving away our review unit of Teewe to one lucky winner. To take it home, share this post, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and upload a status or tweet to @crybytes and @talk2teewe as to why you want it with #iskoteewepedekh. Winners will be announced tomorrow on our official Facebook page!

Own a Teewe already? Read this review on your TV screen. Download the Chrome Plugin now! Meanwhile, check out how Avengers Age of Ultron trailer looked when we streamed it off YouTube via an iPhone.


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