“You want to be the next You” – Carol Griffith Roberts

Carol Griffith-Roberts discovered her passion for photography at an early age, running with her mothers camera in hand, playing as if she was a fashion magazine photographer. Life took her in many different directions and it was not photography.

Still, she pursued her dreams and moved on to become one of the most talented fine art photographers! We had a chance to talk to her and discover the real her. Read on!

  • Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where do you live and where are you from? How long has photography been a hobby or career of yours and what motivated you to get started?

I am from the lovely Washington DC area. Photography has been a part of my life for a little over 2 years. I know I am such a baby still. I actually stumbled upon it. Purchasing my first camera. What I called a real camera: a Sony A57. People began asking if I would take their photos. Sure, no problem I would say. I found myself really enjoying it. Capturing emotion and then playing in Photoshop. Decided to give myself a name ­Precious Posh Photography and it didn’t take long for it to evolve into a passion. I found myself drawn to all types of photography. I don’t even have a favorite yet. Because I do love it all. Then a little over 6 months ago I decided to step out and start my own online photography publication, blessed with the most amazing editorial staff and photographers submitting their images every day with all kinds of genres. Inspire Digital or Not Fine Art Photography Magazine(one can find this directly on facebook) for those who also have a passion for photography and now weekdays we are blessed to publish the best photographers around the world.





  • Did you take any professional course in Photography or went to any of the Photography schools?

I have never taken any professional courses or any schooling. I started by sitting at the computer and asking the Good Lord to guide me. Cause I had not a clue what I was doing. I remember when someone said a couple of years ago, “You need to shoot in raw and get Lightroom and Photoshop” I was like.. *Whats a Lightroom and a Photoshop?* 2 years ago I said those words.

  • Since when did you begin your journey as a Fine Art Photographer?

2 years ago.

  • Tell us about your Photography Equipment?

I shoot with Sony and Nikon. I am a natural light photographer and off camera light photographer. In my studio I have strobes, and flashes. But I have to say I still prefer God-given natural light. Could be cause I have so much to still learn with off camera light. That is an art all unto itself. Now, If you asked me what was in my bag at this very moment? I would have to say I carry a suitcase with me now. For the first year and a half I only used a 50mm 1.4. Sony A99 and Sony A57. Now I use my Sony a99 and Nikon D700 with a fabulous list of lenses that were gifted to me. Yes gifted to me. I can say I have been very blessed on this journey. Wow what a journey this has been. I do favor my 70­200 2.8 lens and still use my 50mm 1.4 in every photo shoot.

  • What is your favorite computer/editing accessory, other than your computer?

Other then my computer. My mouse. LOL. Sorry my computer is what I edit with. But I do love props. Dresses, hair, wigs, flowers, fabric, chairs, etc

  • Mac or PC, your preference and why?

Never tried a Mac. So I am a PC kind of chick.

  • Do you have eyes on any particular new equipment which you would like to acquire?

Of course, always. I would love to have some amazing outdoor photography lights. The kind that is continuous with a mega size power pack. Something that is not a strobe that I have to lug out into a field. I try not lugging those out though. I would love a 35mm sigma art lens and OHHHHHHHHH and a fabulous 85mm 1.2. I think we all would huh?

  • What made you get into this style of photography?

Simple, I fell in love with it.

  •  You have this picture featured on your Precious Posh Photography Page which looks so mesmerizing and magical. Tell us about it.




Ahhhhhhhhh you must be speaking about the little girl with the glitter. I took the image and honestly didn’t like the image as it was but loved her expression. I stared at her expression and then thought what could she be looking at. What child doesn’t adore fairies and pixie dust. Then the editing process begins. This precious little girl has  had to undergo many heart operations. She is a fighter, a dreamer, and 100 percent bundle of energy filled with all kinds of imagination. How could I not give her an image with faith, fairies and a little pixie dust.

  • Your style is so distinctive and it is pretty obvious that you are very skillful with lighting/photography and digital painting. Can you describe your thoughts on creating those images, how you shot it, lighting, composition, settings etc?

Why thank you very much. Most of my photography work is with natural lighting. I try really hard to use the light to my advantage. Not always so easy. Then I receive the super kind comments. Love the lighting you used. Sometimes that lighting was all added with the power of Photoshop.

  •  According to you what is the most challenging thing in creating Fine Art Images?

Something not done before. Art and Photography has been around a long ever so long time. Something new that hasn’t been done. Now that can be challenging. Many times we photographers think we came up with a whole new thing. Uhhhhhhhhhhh no, its been done. I think most often people are quick to say someone is copying their work. Many don’t even realize as they grumble with discontent thinking they were the first to come up with this theme, idea, pose, that sorry it was actually done before. Maybe not the exact same way but oh so similar.

  • …you’ve learnt the most from?

Oh my so many amazing fellow photographers. I could never name them all. But I will say I can’t thank Annette Thompson from Angel Kissed Designs Backdrops out of Canada enough. I think she was one of the very first photographers who took me under her wing and saw potential in me. I contacted her online and picked her brain about photography. Sometimes that’s all it takes someone else truly believing in you. Giving you a little boost. Enough to also believe in yourself.

  • Other genres of Photography which you enjoy the most?

I love them all. Heck I want to really learn more about macro and landscape.

  • How much work goes into the preparation of your photography? How you make your model comfortable and make them strike such natural pose? Where do the ideas come from and what steps do you find yourself moving through to bring the idea to execution?

Depends really on the photo session. But with all, connect with your subjects. Make them feel as comfortable as possible. If their not comfortable with you then the images will shout that out. When it comes to planning. I have been known to sketch a few days before my upcoming photo shoots and other times I let the moment speak to me. I recently did a fabulous photo shoot for an upcoming book. The first female serial killer known from Kansas City back in the 18th century. That takes prep. The right model, the right period of clothing, hair and makeup , the right concept of what you want to tell.Other times I just sit there and stare at my subjects for a while. Watch their movement, watch their own individuality. Sometimes I think my clients are thinking what in the world is she doing. Yes, I sit there. Because I really want to try to envision in my mind first what I want to say. Second what I want them to say. Then on the other hand when its toddlers. No time to think. Capture what you can. They are very fast you know.

  • Editing images is considered as cheating with arguments like “Photography is not an art” frequently popping up. Your views?

Art is subjective. I have to capture the image with my camera first don’t you agree? That’s photography then. It came from a camera. Then when I play in Photoshop to me that is when the magic also can happen. The art. But I feel in my heart. The magic is the entire process. Not just one thing. It’s all combined that makes the final product.

  • If you could ask yourself one question about your photography what would it be and why?

why? I have absolutely no idea, that is a really good question. Thinking.. still thinking… thinking… Can I get back to you on that? I want to ask others about their photography. LOL

  • What are the key point’s one must keep in mind to capture a perfect portrait?

Lighting and Patience. I see many photographers.. snap.. snap.. snap.. take your time. Slow down. I first did the snap… snap.. snap.. Then I began to slow down. Create what I want in my mind then capture the image. When it comes to lighting that is key!!! Use lighting to your advantage it can change everything.

  • If someone says “How can I be next Carol Griffith Roberts?” What would you say?

HAAAAAA no you don’t. You want to be the next YOU. But I am honored you would think that and blown away. I learned so much watching so many YouTube videos. I literally got burned out. Can you get burned out watching YouTube. YES.. when your eyes hurt so bad and you haven’t slept in days trying to absorb all the information how too’s out there. I started learning by actually typing in key words such as exposure, lighting, strobes, etc. Same with Photoshop and Lightroom. Googled how to use curves for example. Then wham a whole world opens up to you.

  • Why don’t you show our viewers your 5 photographs which are closest to your heart?

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  • Readers can find out more about you and your works on:

Facebook:­ Precious Posh Photography

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